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Poker Essays Volume III by Mason Malmuth

Poker Essays Volume III is the third installation in Mason Malmuth's series of excellent Poker Essay books, and this latest addition to the series is just as interesting and informative as the previous two. For those who are not familiar with his work, Mason Malmuth is one of the most respected poker writers in the business and he has been writing great books and articles on the subject for over 20 years. As with the other two Poker Essays books published by Two Plus Two, all of the essays within originally appeared in major poker publications such as Card Player and Poker Digest.

The essays in this book are divided into seven sections: Strategic Ideas, General Concepts, Technical Ideas, In the Cardrooms, Hands to Talk About, The Ciaffone Quiz and Two More Quizzes. The titles of the sections more or less speak for themselves, but you can expect to find countless excellent poker strategies and concepts throughout the 250 pages in the book, executed in Malmuth's typical straight forward fashion. If you have not read any of Mason's work before this is a good place to start, though you should certainly be familiar with advanced poker, and his other books are a bit more groundbreaking. If you are just starting out in the game this book and the whole Poker Essays series will confuse the heck out of you. If you are a newbie to advanced poker I recommend you read up on some of Two Plus Two's back catalog, specifically Gambling Theory and Other Topics, Sklansky's Theory of Poker.

If you have been following Malmuth's work, you will not be disappointed by Poker Essays Volume III, though you may also not be very surprised either. While this is a great book and there are some fascinating strategies and theories held within it, there are also a lot of points where Mason is more or less rephrasing previous essays. This by no means is the case for the entirety of the book, but if you are familiar with his work you will get a case of deja vu here and there. But to be fair, when you have been writing about one subject for as long as he has, you are going to be bound to repeat yourself occasionally, and overall the book is filled with new ideas. Poker Essays Volume III may not be as fresh as Malmuth's work from a decade ago, but it is still an excellent read. Recommended.

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Poker Essays Volume III by Mason Malmuth
Poker Essays Volume III by Mason Malmuth
Poker Essays Volume III is the third installation in Mason Ma...
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